Bulk Earthworks Projects

With more than 35 years in the industry, BWC are expertly placed to provide custom bulk earthworks and mining solutions for your business.

Keperra Development

The Keperra Development is a 48.7 hectare site located nine kilometres north west of the Brisbane CBD, and is one of the largest to be marketed in Brisbane in recent years.

BWC has been engaged by Frasers Property Group to perform bulk earthworks and over excavations on site to remove excess rock to development levels.

Our works include blasting, rock breaking and processing of graded materials, as well as placing and compacting of graded materials to facilitate final levels for future development into a master-planned residential community over the next 4-5 years. BWC is responsible for both the quarrying and bulk earthworks aspects of the project.

The site will be comprised of approximately 550 homes, parks, conservation areas, retail space and roads. More than 45% of the site will be green space, comprising conservation land and stabilisation and rehabilitation of the quarried hillside. The site’s elevation ranges between 80-190 metres above sea level and once complete will give residential owners views to the Glasshouse Mountains.

Bunnings Keperra

The Keperra Development site is approximately 86,000m2 of an ex quarry site that was required to be developed into a retail Bunnings store.

BWC was contracted by De Luca Corporation to develop the site, but were involved from the planning and design stage 3 years prior.

The nature of the site presented several challenges both in the design phase and during construction, due to its location adjacent to a residential estate, retirement village, shopping centre and existing quarry. Subject to the strict conditions of environmental permits, operating activities on site were limited and careful planning was required throughout the project. The site was also environmentally sensitive, with existing sediment basins that were required to hold significant volumes of stormwater and were home to wildlife that had to be safely captured and relocated.

The site being composed of hard granite rock meant that significant volumes of material had to be removed by drilling, blasting, hammering, ripping and dozing. Our ability to crush and screen the material on-site meant that anything tested to a suitable CBR rating was able to be reused in earthworks and roadworks associated with the project.

As a result of the varying rock forms over the existing boundary, the angles and geotechnical conditions were constantly changing as we excavated. This required constant and ongoing liaison with Geotech’s and Engineers throughout the entire process.

An 80 million litre underground attenuation tank was designed with a suspended roof to sit underneath the car park, to provide a permanent control solution to the large volumes of stormwater runoff generated by the site and adjacent quarry operation.

With BWC’s extensive quarrying experience, including in the Keperra quarry itself, we were uniquely positioned to provide a solution to the client.

A bulk earthworks project for CSR Limited at Brendale by the BWC team who are working on drainage and preparation of this site for future development.


In 2017 BWC completed a Bulk Earthworks project for CSR Limited at Brendale. This involved cut to fill of approximately 800,000 tonnes of material, as well as rehabilitation, stabilisation and drainage ready for future development.