Raw Material Projects

With more than 35 years in the industry, BWC are expertly placed to provide custom bulk earthworks and mining solutions for your business.

PGH & Austral

BWC holds long term contracts with both PGH and Austral to manage the raw material and mining process at several of their sites. This includes winning, processing and stockpiling material as well as grading material to pre-production specifications.

We utilise our own fleet of tippers to transport the raw materials to the brick plants where the material is stockpiled to exact specifications set by our clients. This includes layering of stockpiles to achieve the correct combination of different materials at the relevant quantities required.

Keperra Quarry

Since 2018 BWC has operated the Keperra Quarry offering hard rock materials and products for sale to the industry. This has provided Boulder Wall Constructions with a supply of granite boulder for our retaining wall projects.

Other on-site activities have included stabilisation and rehabilitation of existing quarry faces, blasting, crushing, screening, grading and stockpiling of granite materials for use on site as well as external sales.