End to end solutions for source and supply of quarry and raw materials. 

Our extensive fleet, compliance and unmatched experience enable us to win, process, load, stockpile and transport all aspects of raw materials safely and efficiently.

An extra wide view of the BWC team working at one of their quarrying sites.

Your trusted partner in mining and quarrying

Backed by over 35 years of experience in quarrying and transport, our specialised team provide end-to-end solutions for a range of quarrying applications including clay, rock, minerals and surface mining. 

Our breadth of experience and access to industry partners and consultants equips us with a wide range of expertise and capability across the relevant fields of surveying, geotechnical, environmental, drilling and blasting, safety compliance and other areas of mining.  

These capabilities make BWC Contracting a single point of contact for a range of functions including pit design, regulatory compliance, development approvals and environmental permits, whole providing practical, comprehensive and innovative solutions for our clients. 

Owned and operated

Our extensive fleet is owned, operated and maintained in house. Our regularly serviced equipment and prompt response to mechanical issues ensure minimal downtime.

Safe and compliant

Our extensive experience and understanding across all areas of mines compliance have led to an immaculate reputation and industry record across safety, compliance and customer satisfaction

Experienced and capable

Over 35 years of experience and a broad range of capabilities make BWC Contracting the leading choice for all aspects of modern quarrying.

BWC Contracting offer custom bulk earthworks to many clients, including PGH and Austral.

Australian owned and operated

Our industry leading team have owned and operated extractive quarries all over Queensland, in areas such as Warwick, Yangan, Maroon, Rockhampton, Helidon, Gladstone, Trade Coast and Swanbank. By managing our own quarrying operations, we can guarantee a consistent supply of rock and minerals to our clients.  

All BWC Contracting vehicles and equipment being owned, operated and maintained in house. This means our vehicles are serviced regularly, and we can respond quickly to mechanical issues as a matter of priority to minimise downtime and maintain quarry productivity. 

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Our extensive fleet of equipment enables us to win, process, load and transport all aspects of raw materials.


With a large fleet of tipper and flat bed trucks, we can cart varying sizes and types of loads.

Bulk Earthworks

We are expertly placed to provide custom bulk earthworks and mining solutions for your business.

Innovative solutions tailored to the needs of our clients

At BWC Contracting we provide bulk earthworks, transportation and mining services where we win, process, load and transport all aspects of raw materials.