Complete delivery solutions by an industry leading team. 

With an extensive fleet and over 35 years of experience carting raw materials and aggregates, you can rely on BWC Contracting to deliver on time, every time.
Some of the BWC transportation team standing with the wheel loader, used in many projects across Queensland.

Experience that moves you

BWC contracting’s extensive fleet of trucks, diggers and tippers are capable of hauling raw materials, aggregates and finished products safely and reliably.

With over 35 years of experience in haulage and long-term contracts with industry leading supplies we have earned a reputation as the provider of innovative, efficient and compliant transport services. We also work directly with developers on large scale bulk earthworks projects and preparation for subdivisions.

Our comprehensive understanding of all areas of mines compliance, Mass Management certification,  National Heavy Vehicle Regulator accreditations and flawless industry record across both safety and customer satisfaction make BWC contracting your trusted partner in transport. 

Australian owned and operated

BWC Contracting own and operate our entire fleet, ranging from large truck and trailer combinations to smaller two tonne tippers capable of accessing hard to reach sites. We run Kenworth, Mack and Western Star tipper trucks powered by 400 to 500 horse powered Caterpillar or Detroit motors. Each truck and trailer combination is able to move up to 28 tonnes of material per load, depending on the size and type of material. 

Our commitment to safety is second to none and we adhere to all chain of responsibility requirements in accordance with Heavy Vehicle National Law. We implement comprehensive safety management systems to ensure that all vehicles, equipment, drivers and operators are compliant with all regulations and standards, utilising the latest vehicle tracking technology to monitor our fleet and ensure compliance with speed, fatigue and load management.

The full fleet of BWC Contracting trucks and their respective operators.
One of the BWC team performs standard maintenance on one of the trucks in their fleet.

In house maintenance

Using an efficient maintenance schedule and a fully equipped workshop, our entire fleet is serviced and maintained in house on a regular basis, keeping them running with minimal downtime.

Our equipment and the expertise of our staff allow us to carry out a wide range of service and engineering applications such as welding, machine, lathe and cutting, oxy acetylene and tyre fitting. Bisalloy steel is used in our truck bodies and excavator buckets, providing thicker than normal and exceptionally strong equipment. It is well suited to working with a tough product like granite or any other rock.

The trucks drive lines are compatible across the fleet, and all run heavy duty gearboxes and differentials. Our mobile service vehicles make provide on-site service and repair to the machines, eliminating downtime caused by breakdowns and servicing. 

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Owned and operated

Our extensive fleet is owned, operated and maintained in house. Our regularly serviced equipment and prompt response to mechanical issues ensure minimal downtime.

Safe and compliant

Our extensive experience and understanding across all areas of mines compliance have led to an immaculate reputation and industry record across safety, compliance and customer satisfaction

Experienced and capable

Over 35 years of experience and a broad range of capabilities make BWC Contracting the leading choice for all aspects of modern quarrying.


Our extensive fleet of equipment enables us to win, process, load and transport all aspects of raw materials.


With a large fleet of tipper and flat bed trucks, we can cart varying sizes and types of loads.

Bulk Earthworks

We are expertly placed to provide custom bulk earthworks and mining solutions for your business.

Innovative solutions tailored to the needs of our clients

At BWC Contracting we provide bulk earthworks, transportation and mining services where we win, process, load and transport all aspects of raw materials.